Patient contact solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Proactively engage with your patients and reduce “Did Not Attend” appointments.

Proactive patient engagement

NHS trusts and boards around the country are under increasing pressure to cut costs and reduce the number of missed appointments (“Did Not Attends”). People not turning up for their scheduled appointments costs the NHS millions in wasted time and resource each year, and practices are challenged with reducing the impact.

Research has shown that timely appointment reminders through text, voice or web can greatly reduce the amount of Did Not Attends. With our technology, you can implement multi-channel, self-service processes that will not only reduce your missed appointments, but ease the load on your staff and improve patient care.

Putting it in to practice

Cut costs and improve patient services

Easy appointment scheduling

Our services can interact with your Patient Administration System (PAS) so you can support self-service appointment scheduling within your practice. Our Yakara AutoAppoint solution enables you to send timely reminders to your patients when they have an appointment coming up. If your patient has to change or cancel their appointment, you can provide them with a link to do so, or simply include your telephone number for them to call reception.

The NHS loses over £300m a year due to missed appointments BBC

Keep your patients informed

Keep your patients informed and up to date on your opening hours, holiday closures or service alerts. You can also remind them when they are due for a check-up and let them know when their prescriptions are ready.

Secure payments and collections

For private institutions, our automated payments technology makes the collections process easy. We can provide omni-channel payments through SMS, voice, text and web and will work with you to contact your customers at the right time, through the right channel. Mobile payments can be collected through a secure embedded link within a text message, or your customers can call through to an automated interactive voice response (IVR) line where they can make their transaction through voice and touch tones.


Reduce costs

Avoid time and resource wastage associated with DNA appointments, and abandon costly calls and letters.

Increase communication

Improve your patient care with more communication regarding your practice and their appointments, prescriptions and health checks.

Improve efficiency

Automating your appointment scheduling will free up your staff to focus on other tasks.


Yakara’s service reminds patients when their NHS appointments are due and enables them to confirm, change or cancel their slot. We have seen a reduction in missed appointments, helping to make our clinic more efficient and effective. Patient data security is paramount and we trust Yakara to process this with the necessary diligence and care.

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